Prior Notice – ESMK

Prior Notice is from 2021-07-09 a requirement at ESMK for landing and starting when the tower is closed, but it would be appreciated if used also when the tower is open so the airport and the flight club get better information on how much the airport is used and the purpose of the visit.

See Notam for the towers opening hours.

Prior to landing at ESMK you need to consider point 1-7 below:

  1. Thoroughly study the approach chart of ESMK, e.g. AIP. or the KSAB airport plate at our visitors page .
  2. Skydiving is common at ESMK and the landing zone is almost at the center of the airport. In order to reduce risk for incidents with skydivers: avoid to pass over the center of the airport and avoid to land to far into the runway.
  3. Use blind transmission (on 129.355) when the tower is closed and report you position and intention.
  4. Respect areas that are more sensitive to disturbances i.e. the village just south of the paved runway and the church directly west of the field.
  5. For safety reason avoid passing immediately over the liquor factory (Pernod Ricard) close to the right hand base of runway 19.
  6. Be aware of the restricted areas R34, R35, R38A, R38B in Kristianstad TMA.
  7. There is no landing fee if you visit the flight club and add required information  in the digital guestbook on the desktop at the open computer at the flying club.

Please fill in the fields below for prior notice. The input will be sent to you, the airport company, ATS and the flight club.
If the trip is cancelled, use the same form but tick in the box at the end.

    Contact info of pilot in command:




    Airplane registration:

    Date and estimated UTC (hhmm) of arrival:

    Persons onboard incl. pilot:

    Reason for visiting ESMK:

    I hereby confirm that I understand what to consider when landing and starting at ESMK

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